Denim Overall Skirt

Real talk, as I’ve seen overalls make a comeback into stores lately, I honestly could not believe it!  Back in the day when I was an early teenager attending middle school, I know some people that got made fun of for wearing overalls as they were just not trendy back then and everyone was either “too cool” for overalls or just thought they were ridiculous.  But they are making an awesome and trendy comeback and it actually gets me kinda pumped.  Like there is such a variety now!

I saw this denim overall skirt while I was at work the other day and thought it was super cute but just didn’t think it’d look good on me or wasn’t really my style.  But I was curious and tried it on anyway, and I ended up loving it!  It’s such a cute and easy outfit to put together and I love how fun and flirty it can be.

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At first, I didn’t really know how I wanted to style this piece.  Should I wear it with a tank underneath or a basic t-shirt?  I went with the tank just because it was a pretty warm day outside and didn’t want to get too hot.  Although I’m sure a basic tee would look just as great underneath.

My boyfriend and I had a little date day at the Ballard Locks in Seattle watching the boats and salmon and this outfit was perfect!  Wasn’t too hot and is actually very comfortable for denim.

I scored these overalls on sale for under $20 at Macy’s and paired it with a new pair of Guess sandals I recently bought from Macy’s (also under $20 on last act), and a small clutch wallet.  The exact overalls I am wearing are a juniors size medium and fit like an adult small or even XS, they fit like a glove!  While the exact overalls are no longer available online, I will be linking some dupes below where you can shop my outfit details.

If you’re ever hesitant about purchasing a pair of overalls, just go for it!  I honestly think it’s a great wardrobe item to have, especially now as they are so trendy.  It’s really amazing how all of these old-fashioned style pieces are making a comeback in a new and trendy way.  The overall skirt is the perfect summer/fall transition piece that makes for a super easy and fun outfit.

You can shop the look and outfit details here:


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