Friday Harbor Day Adventure

Happy Monday friends!  I have been so busy with work and school this last week I just have not had the chance to share my little day trip I recently took with my boyfriend to Friday Harbor.  If you follow along on my Instagram I’m sure you already saw a couple pictures and stories about my day trip, but I’m super excited to share everything about it today!

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For those that may not know, Friday Harbor is located in the San Juan Islands in Washington and is such a cute little town to visit, especially during the summer time.  I have been to Friday Harbor many times after camping in the San Juans with my family when I was younger.  But it has now kinda started to become a fun summer tradition my boyfriend and I do together to make a little day trip out of.  We actually went last summer and then again this summer and it is SO much fun.

We take the ferry to San Juan Island where Friday Harbor is located and usually spend the day there and then head back home in the evening, it definitely is an all-day activity with how far away it is from home.  I think really the thing that attracts us to the island is the moped/scoot coupe rental shop on the island, Susie’s Mopeds.  It is SO fun and something you can’t really do around home and we just love it!  My boyfriend and I were so busy this summer with work/internships/school that we had been dying to find a time to go before fall semester started.  Finally made it happen just a couple days before school started and it was SO worth the wait.

We rented the scoot coupe for a couple hours and were able to drive all the way around the whole island, felt like we saw everything!  We stopped at a couple beach parks and tried to enjoy the view a little bit, although it was kind of hard to do with all the smoke in the air, and then spent a lot of time taking turns driving the scoot coupe around.  Such a fun little vehicle to drive around and so worth the visit to the island.

After cruising around the whole island, we had lunch at our go-to restaurant in Friday Harbor, Blue Water Bar & Grill, shopped around a couple different shops in town, and got ice-cream at my favorite ice cream place, Friday Harbor Ice Cream Company.  This ice cream is probably one of my favorite ice cream shops, I just love how cute and old-fashioned it is, and it’s been there for forever that I’ve been able to go so many times. Plus, it has such a variety of really good flavors, it’s awesome!

What are some fun day trips you like to take around your home?  Comment below!




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