What to Wear for a Couples Photoshoot in the Fall

My boyfriend, Josh, and I recently got our photos taken by a professional photographer in the most perfect fall setting.  I have been wanting to do this for months just to have some nice professional photos of us and I am so glad I chose to do this during the fall time!  So today I wanted to share what exactly to wear for a couples photo shoot in the fall, just because I had no idea what to wear at first since I had never done this before!

I probably spent over 2 hours trying to decide what to wear, pulling things from my closet and putting things together, researching on Google what to wear, looking on Instagram to get some ideas, literally everywhere that I finally got some inspiration to put together this specific outfit and was also inspired to write this post so others don’t struggle like I did!

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Of course one of the biggest things to keep in mind while picking out what to wear for your couples photoshoot totally depends on you and your significant other’s styles or theme you want for the photoshoot.  I’d say Josh and I have pretty similar styles in what we wear and we both wanted to dress up a bit, but not go all out in fancy attire.  I didn’t want to dress up in a skirt or dress, nor did he want to dress up in a suit and tie.  We were both wanting to stay a bit casual while also a bit fashionable too and totally dressed for the season.

As my style is practically all neutral this time of year, I wanted to stick with those colors especially as we were going to be in a very fall setting.  I didn’t want to wear something that would blend in with the scenery, but also not stand out too much.  So I decided to pair my favorite black distressed denim with a cute white peasant blouse, a fashionable scarf, and cute ankle booties.  And Josh decided on a pair of dark wash denim, and a nice pullover sweater over a flannel button down.  You just can’t go wrong with the neutrals!

We had so much fun with this photoshoot as this was our first time getting our photos taken together professionally, and we both absolutely loved the setting and scenery around us!  Our photos were taken at Gene Coulon Beach Park in Renton, WA which has the most gorgeous trees during the fall time.

I’d say Fall is definitely one of the best times you can go to get photos taken with your S.O. because all of the pretty colors of the leaves are unreal and make for some super gorgeous photos! Just make sure to go on a sunny day so you don’t get rained on (especially in the PNW, lol!)  Josh also had a ton of fun during the photoshoot as he is normally the person behind the camera taking all of my photos, he told me it was fun to be in front of the camera for a change lol.

Thank you so much, Cameron Thomsen, for taking our photos!  If you’re interested in booking a photo session with Cameron, check out his Instagram here and his website here!

I have also linked outfit details for both mine and Josh’s outfits below for y’all to shop if interested!



Thanks for reading!




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