What to Wear for Thanksgiving

It is so hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already nearly two weeks away and that we’re already a week into November!  This year is going by SO fast, it’s crazy!

For the past week, I’ve been starting to figure out my Thanksgiving outfit and definitely wanted to stick with the neutrals (because they’re my fave!)  I wanted something a little dressy but also a little casual and comfortable for all the feasting lol.  I feel like picking an outfit for Thanksgiving is actually kind of hard because, for me, I like to dress cute and a little fancy because it’s a holiday, however, there is SO much feasting that I also want to dress comfortably too haha.

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I liked the idea of sticking with black, white, and brown as they’re more of the Thanksgiving neutral colors and decided to pair my favorite black skinny jeans and long sleeve bodysuit with this adorable fuzzy vest from Shop Talulah.  Shop Talulah is a new online clothing boutique by one of my favorite bloggers, Madi Nelson, and has the cutest apparel!  And this vest is so easy just to throw over an outfit to instantly dress it up.  This vest made the planning process of my Thanksgiving outfit SO easy just to put over a cute outfit.  Plus, the outfit has everything that I wanted for Thanksgiving; cute, comfortable, casual, and a little dressy too.  Fuzzy vests are the perfect wardrobe staple this time of year to dress up in different ways for the holidays and all the different holiday events associated with this time of year.

While my vest is sold out on her boutique website, I will link a couple duplicates below for y’all to shop for your Thanksgiving outfits!  Nordstrom has one very similar to this that I have linked.


Thanks for reading and I hope this post gave you a little bit of Thanksgiving outfit inspo!





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