2018 Year in Review + New Year’s Resolutions

Happy 2019! I can’t believe it’s already the new year! 2018 went SO quick and was a great year where I accomplished a lot and am so ready for 2019.  So today I wanted to share my 2018 year in review and something exciting I either did or accomplished each month out of the year. I’ve seen a couple people do this on the gram the past few days and absolutely loved the idea!  Such a great way to get to know someone a little bit better and celebrate the new year together!  I also wanted to share some of my new year’s resolutions too!

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 3.47.04 PM

January: Started off the new year right by traveling to New York with my boyfriend, Josh, and we both experienced our first NYC snow storm which was SO pretty.  Also got more serious about my blog and blogging as a business and participated in my first brand collaboration/sponsored content!  And attended my first hockey game!

February: Spent SO much time researching and working on my blog and started to do more photo shoots, and got a new car!

March: Josh and I traveled to my old school in Pullman and Spokane in eastern Washington for a school conference.  Also attended my first blogging event ever at Kendra Scott!

April: Filmed my first sponsored video on YouTube for a brand collaboration! Also attended the tulip festival.

May: Finished my junior year of college and finished my major at school! Attended my first Taylor Swift concert, participated in the Wanderlust 108 5k Yoga + Run and attended my first Maroon 5 concert.

June: Became a model for a local boutique and participated in a fun carnival photoshoot.  Attended my second blogging event at LOFT in Seattle.  Also walked through the caves at Mt. St. Helens.

July: Adventured through the North Cascades and visited Diablo Lake, started my first internship in downtown Seattle, turned 22, participated in a fashion show at the outlet mall for the boutique I modeled for, did a lot of backyard camping, spent hot days at the lake and at the pool, and celebrated 2 years together with Josh!

August: Went scoot couping around Friday Harbor on the San Juan Islands with Josh and went to the Mariners/Dodgers baseball game.  Went to the Ed Sheeran/Snow Patrol stadium concert, and also started my senior and final year of college and started my minor!

September: Finished my internship in Seattle and was offered a full-time job for after I graduate!  And participated in my first ever paid collaboration for my blog!

October: Participated in my second paid collaboration for my blog, did a fall couples photo shoot with Josh – our first photo shoot we had done by a professional photographer! Went to the pumpkin patch, and visited the newly remodeled Space Needle.  Also started my second internship, a remote position I started to work from a company based in NYC.

November: Participated in my third paid collaboration for my blog and had a lot of fun with this one, and hosted my first giveaway on Instagram! Also had a foot procedure done that left me off my feet for about 2-3 weeks which was horrible!

December: Finished a very hard first semester of school, was able to walk again after my foot procedure lol, participated in a fun holiday campaign on Instagram, went to Leavenworth and Enchant Christmas in Seattle with Josh, went on a snow hike near Snoqualmie Pass and took SO many snow day pictures, and had a very fun Christmas with family!

As I take the time to reflect back on 2018, I want to say that this was one of the best years yet!  I had SO many goals for my blog at the start of the year and worked so hard to start to achieve them and feel so proud of all the progress I made this past year with my blog.  Watching your dreams become a reality really is the coolest thing and feels so rewarding for all of the hard work put into making them come true – it is just the beginning!  And out of the year, my favorite months were January, July, and December, these months were filled with SO much fun and memories and made the year that much better!

As I start to plan ahead into the new year, it sounds weird, but I don’t really have any big resolutions.  This will be a big year for me because of what’s planned so I don’t really have resolutions, but rather big accomplishments coming up and more figuring out adulthood!  I graduate from college in just 4 short months which is SO crazy, and then I enter the real world and start a full-time job.  I also have a couple trips planned throughout the year that I am beyond excited for (will share more later as that time comes!). However, I do have some pretty big resolutions for my blog this year which I am SO excited about.  Long story short, I plan on putting in SO much more work than what I am already doing now to try to make my blog a helpful resource for each of you!  I plan on sharing more sales with you all (because who doesn’t love online shopping??), sharing more of my travels (especially as I take a couple trips this year), and engaging and getting to know you all more!  In the meantime, if you don’t already follow along with my journey on Instagram, follow me here to stay in touch with my day to day!

Thank you all SO much for following along with my blog, it means the world to me that you follow along with my writing and my life and you have made my dreams become a reality in more ways than I could imagine this past year!  Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2019 and I cannot wait for what the year has in store!




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