Seaside, Oregon Travel Guide

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Are you planning a trip to Seaside, Oregon and want to know all of Seaside’s must-sees and things to do?  If so, this blog post is for you!  I recently got back from a short trip to the Oregon Coast two weeks ago for a travel collaboration/blog work trip with my boyfriend and we had SO much fun visiting the cute beach town!

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing popular things to do in Seaside, recommendations of how to get around town, where to stay, Instagram-worthy photo locations, and some good restaurants!

Things To Do:

1. Seaside Beach/The Promenade

If you have not visited the Oregon Coast, you definitely need to!  The beaches of Oregon are unreal and really so gorgeous for Pacific Northwest beaches.  I’ve lived in Washington my whole life and there is such a difference between Washington beaches and Oregon beaches.  They are SO gorgeous and so much better than Washington beaches.  The sand is so soft and the beaches are SO big!

Along the beach is the boardwalk/promenade and it is a gorgeous walk that takes you past the beach and downtown, and you get to see a lot of cute beach houses too along with many other gorgeous views.  Definitely most enjoyable in the summertime when the weather is really nice as well!

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If you’re into that sort of thing, going to the beach really early in the morning at low tide is another common Pacific Northwest activity.  We went one morning and were able to gather a lot of sand dollars which were super cool!

2. Downtown Seaside 

Because Seaside is a small beach town, downtown Seaside is the part of town with the most attractions and entertainment, including a lot of shops/gift shops, restaurants, arcades/fun centers, and more (plus it’s right on the water too)!

3. Seaside Aquarium 

We didn’t make it to the aquarium this time we were here because of work obligations, however, I visited the aquarium last time I visited Seaside a couple years ago and it’s worth checking out!  It is a bit small so don’t expect to spend too much time there, but they have a lot of Pacific Ocean animals and is something fun to do.

4. Helicopter Tour

This is another thing we didn’t have time to do on our trip because of work obligations but is another attraction I did last time I visited and it is SO much fun!  I had never ridden in a helicopter before and it was such a cool experience and a gorgeous ride.  Tickets are also super affordable at $55! The ride takes you right along the coast over the coastline and is SO pretty, make sure to go on a sunny day if you do for the best views!

5. Cannon Beach

So this isn’t technically Seaside, but Cannon Beach is just a short 15-20 minute drive South from Seaside and is a must-see!  It is another gorgeous beach and is super cool because of it’s prime attraction, Haystack Rock.  The town of Cannon Beach is also super cute with more shops and restaurants too.

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How to Get Around Town & Where to Stay:

Since the Oregon Coast is so close to Washington, my boyfriend and I took a road trip down from Seattle and it’s only about a 3-4 hour drive, that way we were able to have the car with us too to get around.  I’d say a majority of Seaside is very walkable, however, I’d recommend bringing a car with you for easier transportation around town, and if you want to drive down to Cannon Beach as well, or even venture out to Portland for the day!

For our trip, we stayed at a beach vacation rental home a couple blocks away from downtown which I actually shared about in my latest blog post in collaboration with Best Beach Rentals.  If you’d like to read this post and learn more about our stay at the beach house property, I have linked it here for your viewing!

Downtown Seaside and the waterfront also have a lot of great hotel options to choose from as well that are all in the most convenient location in town and have great views of the beach!

Instagram-Worthy Photo Locations:

Because Seaside is right on the water, there are so many great Instagram-worthy photo locations and places to take really great pictures!  To name a few:

  • Seaside Beach (particularly at sunset)
  • Cannon Beach
  • Coast River Inn Mural
  • Downtown Seaside

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Restaurant Recommendations:

For how small Seaside is, there really are a lot of different food options to choose from.  Some of our favorites are:

  • Ruby’s Roadside Grill
  • Tom’s Fish & Chips
  • Angelina’s Pizzeria + Cafe (This place seriously has some of the best pizza I’ve ever tasted! 10/10 recommend!)
  • Nonni’s Italian Bistro
  • Bagels By The Sea (Great cafe to visit for a small breakfast!)

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Thank you so much for reading and I hope this blog post is helpful for your next visit to the Oregon Coast!





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