How to Become a Lulus Ambassador

Are you a fashion blogger who also loves shopping at Lulus, and thinking about becoming a Lulus Ambassador? If so, this post is for you! As some of you may have noticed throughout my blog and Instagram this past year, I am a Lulus Ambassador! Since becoming an ambassador over a year ago, I have received quite a few DMs through Instagram asking how to go about becoming an ambassador for Lulus, so today, I’m here to answer all of your questions about how to become a Lulus Ambassador and some key things to know about the program!

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First things first, when joining any affiliate type program as a fashion blogger, it’s important to keep a couple things in mind before applying to such programs:

1: Consider Your Audience/Niche

What I mean by taking into consideration your audience/niche is this:

  • Who follows you?
  • What audience size/engagement do you have across all of your platforms?
  • Do you regularly shop with this brand already?
  • Is this brand something that will resonate well with your followers?

I have been shopping from Lulus for over 3 years as they have become one of my favorite clothing retailers for everyday/trendy style, workwear clothing for the office, dresses for special occasions, and much more.  However, I didn’t apply for the program until I had about 3k followers on Instagram and was about 2-3 years into blogging (this will obviously be different for everyone as not everyone is the same).

When I applied for the program, I didn’t want to apply at the wrong time and get rejected for not being up to par or where I should be in order to be successful with the program. Before I applied to become a Lulus Ambassador, I focused on consistently posting fashion-related content across my platforms, building a following, and taking note of what my audience liked to see.

As I discovered that Lulus resonated well with my following, had seen an increase in engagement with my content, and had built a decently sized audience, I gave a shot at applying, and got accepted shortly after!

I recommend being as prepared as you can (through knowledge of your audience, what kind of content you post, if you truly love the brand, etc.) before applying to any affiliate program in order to be successful with it and not joining just to join.

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Now that those basics are covered, how exactly do you apply to become a Lulus Ambassador?

There are actually a couple different ways you can do this, but first, let me provide a little bit of background so it makes more sense for you.

Something that is important to know that I had actually not known about the program when I applied is that Lulus ambassadorships are run through Pepperjam/Ascend. As of September 2020, Lulus made the switch from ShareASale to Pepperjam/Ascend. If you’re not already familiar with it, it is an affiliate marketing network for brands and bloggers/influencers to utilize for commissions.  When you are an ambassador/affiliate for a brand,” merchant,” through Pepperjam, you have the opportunity to make commissions of sales you share through your blog/social platforms.

Jumping back to how to apply for the program, here are the different ways you can go about applying:

  1. Apply through Pepperjam/Ascend – If you already have an account, an easy way to apply to be a Lulus Ambassador is through the affiliate network. If you already have an account, you can apply by following these steps:
    1. On your account homepage, hover over “Advertisers” on the side menu bar, then search
    2. Type in and select “” in the keyword search
    3. Select “” under the Lulus logo and apply for the affiliate program!
  2. Another way to go about applying (and the way that I went about applying) is by simply heading to the Lulus website: then scroll all the way down to the bottom and select “About Us”
    1. From there, scroll until you see the section heading “Work With Us”
    2. Find where it says “Want to be an affiliate? Apply to be a part of our affiliate network here” and select
    3. Fill out your information accordingly and they will email you if accepted/rejected

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Some key things to note about the Lulus ambassador program:

1: Being a Lulus Ambassador does not mean receiving free Lulus clothing

I’ve been asked before if being a Lulus Ambassador means they send you free clothes to promote. This is actually not the case for this program. You do not receive promo codes that take away all costs of the clothing you order, nor do you receive any sort of discount yourself for being an ambassador.

All this means is that you shop for and pay for the things you want, and when you promote those items on your website/social channels, or wherever else you may promote the items, you receive a commission on sales if someone visits the link you promoted and makes a sale within 30 days of visiting your link.

2: Creating links within Pepperjam/Ascend

Creating links through Pepperjam is actually super simple and they make it as easy as possible to generate links based on the items you are promoting.

How to create links through Pepperjam for what you are promoting:

1.Similar to rewardStyle if you are a part of rewardStyle/, they provide a link generator to add to your bookmarks so you can easily generate a link whenever you come across an item.

2. On your account homepage, hover over “Links” on the top menu bar, then select “Get a Link/Banner” OR “Create a Custom Link to a Page” (this is the option I always do as I find it easier and more customizable. (Keep in mind that if you are promoting multiple Lulus items at once, you will need to generate a link for each specific item).

3: Getting Paid

Once you make $25 or more in commission sales, then you get paid from Pepperjam (you can choose which method of payment you’d like – whether you want to set up direct deposit, get paid by a check through the mail, etc.)

4: Being a Lulus Ambassador leads to great opportunities as a Fashion Blogger

Some benefits of being a Lulus Ambassador are:

  1. The opportunity/possibility of Lulus reposting your content
    1. This is a great way to increase your exposure as Lulus has a large audience of over 1m followers and is a great way to get some extra follows in return if Lulus does repost your content
  2. Building a relationship with Lulus to further opportunities in the future
    1. After some time as a Lulus Ambassador (and depending on your audience size), Lulus may even want to create an official collaboration/partnership with you wherein you may receive free clothing or you get paid for your work, get featured on their website for a specific piece of clothing you are asked to promote, etc.

Screen Shot 2020-01-04 at 3.12.36 PM

I have absolutely loved being a part of the Lulus affiliate program over the past year I have been an ambassador since I shop from Lulus so often. They also are super helpful if you run into any questions/concerns and want to reach out to them too!

I hope this post was helpful and answered all of your questions about how to go about becoming a Lulus Ambassador. If you think I missed something or want further clarification, feel free to reach out with any questions and I’d be happy to help answer!

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “How to Become a Lulus Ambassador

    1. Hey there,

      Yeah so when I joined the program over a year ago they were a part of a different platform at the time where you didn’t have to put your SSN to apply. This week they actually made the switch over to a new platform that now requires that. So unfortunately yes!


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