How to Get Inspiration for Blog Posts

Happy Wednesday friends! As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been a little absent from my blog over the past couple of weeks. I talked about this a little bit on my Instagram not too long ago, but lately, I’ve found myself in probably one of the worst creative ruts I’ve experienced through my years of blogging. And I figured the best way to talk about this subject was to incorporate it into today’s blog post: how to get inspiration for blog posts!

Lately, I’ve been feeling really discouraged with my blog. Unmotivated, down, and just felt a little off the grid and needed some time to think and regroup. But during all of these feelings I’ve experienced during this time, one thing I never felt was being uninspired. Getting inspiration for blog posts has usually felt pretty easy for me since I have such a strong passion for writing and creating content and I wanted to share some of my tips for all of you out there who may be experiencing the same kind of thing.

Let’s get started!


Tip #1: What’s Trending Right Now?

My number one tip for finding blog content ideas is to think about what’s trending right now (depending on your niche and what you write about and specialize in).

For example, as most of you know, while I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger, I also love to share blogging tips for new bloggers out there (including this post you’re reading). So, since I occasionally share blogging tips on my blog, I look at what’s trending within the blogging community whether that be through news articles, Facebook groups I’m a part of, what others are sharing on Instagram that someone is seeking help in, etc. and one common thing that I’ve noticed seems to be consistently trending is the topic of becoming a Lulu’s ambassador as a fashion blogger.

Fun fact: my blog post I shared here on How to Become a Lulu’s Ambassador is my most popular blog post I’ve written receiving on average about 15-20 views per day over the past 2 months since it was published (averaging almost 1000 total views with most of my traffic coming from Google searches and Pinterest searches on that topic).

So my best advice here is don’t overthink it. What are you seeing as you scroll through the websites and apps you look at on your phone every day? What are people seeking answers to – turn their questions into a blog post and answer their questions, and of course promote it!


Tip #2: What Are People Asking You on Instagram?

Another way that I get inspiration for blog content is from the questions that people ask me on Instagram each day! I’d say about 99% of the time one of my followers DMs me on Instagram asking me a question, I turn their question into a blog post. And my reasoning behind this is that if someone is asking me this question and turning to me for help, odds are someone else has that same question. And what better way to serve content your audience wants to see from you than by writing a blog post answering a question one of your followers asked you specifically!

For example, some questions I’ve received from followers in which I turned into blog posts:

How do you edit your photos? – Answered through Apps I Use To Edit My Photos

How do you become a RewardStyle/ Influencer? – Answered through How to Become a RewardStyle/ Influencer

I saw you’re a Lulus Ambassador and wondering how I can become a Lulus Ambassador as well? – Answered through How to Become a Lulus Ambassador

I’m a new blogger or an aspiring blogger and wondering how you got started blogging!? – Answered through How I Got Started Blogging + Why I Consider Myself a Content Creator

And so much more!


Tip #3: What Are You Passionate About?

If you’re a blogger and currently reading this post, I assume it’s because you want to share your passions with your audience. And this in itself is such a great way to get ideas for what kind of content you want to post!

For example, as I am a fashion + lifestyle blogger, I cover a pretty wide range of topics, all topics that I love and am passionate about (and the reasoning for starting my blog!) Whenever I travel and take vacations, I love taking photos throughout the whole trip in which I can then share on my blog. For instance, last year I traveled to Southern California and Oregon in which I turned into travel-related blog posts:

Los Angeles Travel Guide

San Diego Travel Guide

Seaside, Oregon Travel Guide

In regard to fashion-related content as a fashion blogger, I also have a Work Wear Wednesday series in which I share some of my favorite outfits that I wear to work at my job during the week!

No matter which niche you specialize in, there are so many ways you can find ideas of blog posts to share with your audience!


Tip #4: What’s Going on in Your Life at the Moment?

Another tip for coming up with blog content is to pull things that are happening in your life at the moment and turning those into blog posts! Your audience follows you for a reason, they want to get to know the real you and know you personally. And the best way for them to get that from you is to share things that are happening in your life! And I really think this could apply to a lot of different niches of blogging as well no matter if you’re a fashion blogger, interior design blogger, food blogger, etc.

For example:

Just finished decorating your living room? Take some pictures and share in a blog post where you shopped for your living room decor and what inspired you to style the room the way that you did!

Just took a vacation to New York or whichever destination you just visited? Share some memories and highlights of your trip in a blog post!

Ate at a cool new restaurant in town? Share a little review and some photos in a blog post!

As I am a lifestyle blogger myself, I pull a lot of things that are happening in my life and turn them into blog posts and is such a great way to always have inspiration flowing. Some blog posts I’ve posted from things happening in my life include:

Apartment Tour

Life Update: We Got a Puppy!

New York City Travel Diary

And SO much more.

I hope these tips help you out as you plan out your blog content and even times where you find yourself in a creative rut like I had!


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Thanks for reading!



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