10 Things To Do To Make the Most of Staying In

In light of current events happening in the world at the moment with COVID-19, I felt it necessary to share this post with you all today of some fun and entertaining things you can do during the world’s current self-quarantine to make staying in just as enjoyable as going out. This list would even be great for things to do when you’re bored, or whatever the case may be where you’re stuck inside for a while.

While I have always been someone who enjoys staying in, I have to admit that it’s a bit weird seeing the communities around me kind of shut down. There have been far less people on the streets going places, hardly any traffic anywhere, the community has been much quieter, it’s definitely an adjustment and I’m sure the whole world is trying their best to adjust to this as well.

Let’s get started!

10 Things to do to

1. Read Books

I cannot think of a more perfect time than now to start getting into reading more books. After I graduated from college last year, it was a goal of mine to start reading more since I had more time to, and I’ve definitely kept that goal going into 2020. If you’ve been meaning to start reading more, now is the perfect time to! Order some books online or through your Kindle and get those 2020 goals going!

If you’re looking for some good books to read, here are some of my favorites below that I read in 2019:

July Book Review

September Book Review

November Book Review


2. Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts have become my new obsession and there are SO many good ones out there. Some of my favorites that I listen to weekly include:

On the Grow Podcast @bygracelee

The Content Creatives Podcast by @emmasedition & @madcrayy

Office Ladies Podcast by Jenna Fischer & Angela Kinsey

3. Catch up on TV & Movies

I cannot get enough of watching my favorite shows and movies, and now is the perfect time to catch up on your favorites or even binge something new! As I’ve been working from home for the past 3 weeks now, there’s a lot more time in the day before and after work and on the weekends to catch up on TV and I love it.

I’ve been rewatching all of New Girl and The Office on Netflix, watching The Good Place, rewatching all of Hannah Montana on Disney Plus since that was probably my number one childhood favorite show, and my boyfriend and I have also been starting Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime and it is SO GOOD.


4. At-Home Workouts

One of my biggest goals for 2020 was to stay on a consistent workout schedule of taking yoga classes once a week, walking my dog multiple times a week, and hitting up the gym 4-5 days a week. And it was going so well until the outbreak!

I’ve been trying to avoid the gym since the outbreak and I have to admit it’s been different to switch up my whole routine I had going to doing all of these workouts from home for the time being. But I am slowly starting to make that transition to continue to stay active and motivated to continue with my 2020 fitness goals. Some of my favorite at-home workouts include:

Fitness Blender on YouTube (it’s free too which is a total plus!)

BBG program by Kayla Itsines (in the “Sweat” app on your smartphone) (not free but SUCH a great workout program! I did BBG for the first half of 2019 and it’s such a great way to get fit.)

Pinterest exercises – There are so many great articles on Pinterest of easy at-home workouts. I’ve pinned some good ones to my board on Pinterest here if you’re interested!

Really all you need is a yoga mat and some dumbells in your home and you’re set! Target has some great ones for affordable prices too which is usually where I get mine.


5. Practice Self-Care

During all of this time inside, don’t forget to practice some self-care, whatever that may mean to you! Some of my favorite ways to practice self-care are to:

  • Paint my nails
  • Treat myself to a facemask
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Gratitude journal
  • Make some hot chocolate

Make the most of the situation and remember to stay positive – it’s SO important during this time!


6. Clean Out & Organize Your Space

Being stuck inside is also the perfect time to declutter your space and organize it! Go through your closet and get rid of things you don’t wear anymore, go through all of your things and get rid of things you don’t need or use anymore. Marie Kondo your space! I’ve been going through my closet a bit this year to declutter regularly, I try to stick to the method of for every new item that I put into my closet, get rid of something old that I haven’t worn in at least 2 years. It’s such a great system for keeping your closet clean and organized and not hoarding clothes you don’t wear!

7. Play Games

I absolutely love playing board games and video games and felt like I hardly got the chance to anymore with all of my adult responsibilities to keep up with. But now with all this time spent inside, there’s so much more time to play games again! My boyfriend and I love playing Mario Kart on our Wii or Beach Buggy Racing on the Xbox, and even playing board games with family since we usually only get to do that on holidays!


8. FaceTime Friends & Family

Social distancing can definitely feel isolating and lonely at times, so make sure to check in with family and friends by FaceTiming/Skyping, etc.!

9. Online Shop

Thank god for online shopping during a time like this, right!? Support small/local businesses by purchasing from their stores, shop current sales, etc. If you’re a shopper like me, online shopping is the way to go right now!

10. Learn a New Recipe

As I am living in an apartment now with my boyfriend and am officially adulting, I’d love to learn how to cook more since my cooking typically consists of making pasta or breakfast lol. I always stumble across these super delicious looking recipes on Pinterest and now would be the perfect time to try some out! I’ve linked my food board on Pinterest with a ton of recipes to try out here if you’re interested!


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Thanks for reading and sending you all some love and positive vibes during this crazy time!





2 thoughts on “10 Things To Do To Make the Most of Staying In

  1. Great tips, especially the podcast once. I also love playing games. Another one that I particularly enjoy is doing a puzzle. It keeps you occupied for hours, you really need to concentrate and you tend to forget everything else around you. Especially when you have a really hard one.

    Liked by 1 person

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