A Private Girl’s Guide to Sharing Content on Instagram as a Blogger

I feel like it’s pretty stereotypical for bloggers to constantly be “on” when it comes to Instagram, and other social media platforms and sharing constantly throughout the day through in-feed posts, stories, and more.  And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, I feel like no one ever really talks about how someone who is more private can manage sharing content every day while also maintaining a semi-private life, especially as a blogger in 2020.

I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years now and have come to learn different ways of sharing content each day over my years of experience and how you can still balance sharing on social media while also maintaining a private life. While I still may be figuring it out as I go, today I’m sharing my best advice on what has worked for me.


I wanted to start this off by giving a reminder that you are the one who decides what you share on social media. Starting off blogging, it can be so easy to follow what a lot of other bloggers are doing and sharing anything and everything happening in your life right now on Instagram Stories. But my best advice here is to only share what you’re comfortable with sharing or that you want to have put out into the social media world for others to see.

While I have been blogging for just about 4 years now, I share a lot through my blog and social media platforms. But, there is also so much that I don’t share as I am a bit more of a private person.


What has worked the best for me in ensuring that I have content to post each day on social media, Instagram stories specifically, is to take photos and videos through your phone’s camera and post them later rather than in the moment.

I try to be present and mindful of being on my phone (and working on being more mindful of screen time in general) when I’m with someone since I personally just don’t like having to open Instagram stories, choose a filter, make sure whatever I’m taking a photo or video of looks good, come up with a caption and other fun things you can add to your story, all while spending time with someone or take away from a moment. It can wait!

I really value time spent with my boyfriend, friends, and family and never like to take away from that by worrying about what I should post on Instagram at the moment. When I have free time throughout the day I’ll for sure post in the moment, otherwise I try to designate times in the afternoon or evening to catch up on content and some time on Instagram engaging with others.


As a blogger in 2020, having good quality content is definitely important in helping you grow and to stand out. For a blogger who is a bit more private, make sure the content you do share is good quality while remaining authentic to your brand and that will inspire your audience in some way!

Some things I like to share on my Instagram stories throughout the day are bits and pieces of my morning routine, outfits, parts of my everyday life, inspiring quotes and reminders that have impacted me in some way, some of my workouts, my dog, meals that I enjoy cooking or eating, bits and pieces of my nightly routine, etc. And again, a lot of the time I’ll take these photos or videos with my phone camera roll and share them later if I’m focusing on something else at the time – the perfect way to capture some content and show your audience through your day, without sharing too much or things that you don’t want to capture and just have for yourself!


Again, only share what you are comfortable with sharing and want to share on your social media and never feel pressured into sharing parts of your life that you don’t necessarily want to share with the world that are trending with a lot of other bloggers out there.

Some things to consider before sharing content on your social media if you’re more private are:

  • Is this something I want to share with everyone or keep private and to myself?
  • Is this something that resembles me and is authentic to my personal brand?
  • Is this good quality?
  • Is this something my audience will react well with and will find inspiring in some way?


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