4 Productive Things You Can Do When You’re Bored AF in Quarantine

Throughout quarantine, I’ve tried to keep myself busy and I’m always finding things to do at home to help out my future self. Over the past couple of weeks, I decided to finally tackle some tedious tasks that I have been putting off for forever and thought that these would be great things to accomplish during all this time spent at home. If you’re starting to feel bored out of your mind or running out of things to do at home in quarantine and want to keep up your productivity, this post is for you!

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Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing a spring cleaning of my technology, something that is so necessary to keep up with and that I absolutely dread doing and find to be a ginormous pain in the butt. But what better time than now to accomplish these tedious tasks? Here’s everything I’ve been doing or still need to do during quarantine to stay productive and help out my future self:

  • Unsubscribe from email lists
  • Go through phone camera roll and delete photos
  • Back up hard drive
  • Social media clean up/unfollow accounts that don’t inspire you or don’t bring you joy


As a blogger, especially, I have way too many photos on my phone’s camera roll and always need to go through to free up some storage on my phone and delete any unnecessary photos. This is the one thing I absolutely cannot stand doing since it is such a pain to do. But, I figured, the more photos I keep taking, the more photos I’ll have to go through in the future and delete. Ideally I’d love to do this more consistently and on a regular basis but I can just never bring myself to do that. For now, I’ll be doing as much as I can through quarantine.


Another productive thing you can do in quarantine is to go through your emails and unsubscribe from email mailing lists. How many times per day do you receive junk emails that you don’t even open or automatically send to trash/junk? Rather than doing that, just unsubscribe from those lists altogether, your email inboxes will be so much cleaner moving forward!

One thing I have yet to do but really need to get to is backing up my computer hard drive. If you have any recommendations for a good portable hard drive, send them my way!


And lastly, something else that is so important you can do during quarantine is a social media clean up. I actually started cleaning up my social media back in January as a new year’s resolution and it honestly has helped so much with my mental health during quarantine. I never realized how many accounts I followed that either didn’t bring me joy, felt uninspired by or comparison. By unfollowing accounts and doing a social media clean up, this has helped so much with my quarantine mental health and is something I strongly recommend doing for yourself as well!

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