How I Advertise My Blog Posts After I Publish

Are you new to blogging and want to learn how to constantly get your blog posts in front of new people? If so, this blog post is for you! Today I’ll be sharing all of things I do to advertise my blog posts each time they are published in order to attract new readers, gain a larger audience, and more. Let’s get started!

The first thing I do each time I publish one of my blog posts is immediately promoting it across all of my social platforms. You never know how someone is going to find you so I wanted to stress here the importance of having a presence across multiple social media platforms.

The first social platform I share to is Pinterest. I personally love Pinterest and is probably my second favorite social media app because of all of the things you can search for and generate new ideas, almost just like Google. I use Pinterest nearly every single day and am always pinning new ideas. But more importantly, Pinterest is also the app where I get most of my blog traffic! Each time I publish a blog post, I immediately pin the blog post to Pinterest by pinning all photos in my blog post with a destination link of my blog website. In return, about 75% of my website traffic comes from Pinterest! If you don’t already have a business account on Pinterest, I highly suggest setting one up to drive more traffic to your website and easily keep up with your Pinterest analytics.

After pinning my blog post on Pinterest, the next thing I do is share the blog post to my blog’s Facebook Page. While I hardly use Facebook that much anymore, as I mentioned before, it’s so important to be active across all social media platforms in order to reach as many people as you can. Even though my Facebook Page audience is a lot smaller than the rest of my social media accounts, I still get traffic to my blog almost every single day coming from my Facebook Page!

After sharing to Facebook, I also like to promote my blog post through Twitter as well. Similar to Facebook, I don’t use Twitter as much, but actually see a percentage of my daily blog traffic coming from Twitter!

Once I am done sharing my blog post to Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, I always make sure to share to Instagram, through Instagram Stories and an in-feed post. A lot of my blog traffic also comes from Instagram since that is my best-performing platform so I am always sure to post there shortly after publishing my blog posts.

Another thing you can do to boost the promotion of your blog posts is to incorporate common key words around whatever you are writing about to boost your post’s SEO (search engine optimization) in Google or Bing. I actually see a large number of daily blog traffic coming from search engines like Google and Bing every single day from using key words in each post I write!

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11 thoughts on “How I Advertise My Blog Posts After I Publish

  1. Sorry, but I don’t have a presence in any social media platform as it can be addicting and/or depressing depending on how others treat you. Is there perhaps a blog someone made where you can advertise your blog in the comments or anything like that on this website? Not that this wasn’t good. I’m just wondering if there’s another way. I will use some of the advise, though.


    1. A good platform to advertise your blog posts is Bloglovin! I’d recommend connecting your blog to that platform as people who are strictly interested in reading blog posts will check there. Hope this helps!


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