24 Things

As of today, I am officially 24 years old! While I’m still in my early 20s, I feel like time has just been flying ever since I graduated college last year and getting older is feeling so real which is so crazy to think! Today I thought it’d be fun to share 24 things you may not know about me if you’re new to following me, and even some things I rarely share, if at all!

24 Things You May Not Already Know About Me:

  • I’m 5’1! I feel like angles can be so deceiving in photos you see of bloggers on Instagram and Pinterest and you never really know how tall someone actually is in real life. Not sure if my photos have that effect, but I’m actually pretty short!
  • I’m a little lactose intolerant, but eat a couple scoops of ice cream almost every day – my favorite is either chocolate chip cookie dough or strawberry!
  • I’ve been to Hawaii 5+ times and it’s my favorite tropical destination on earth!
  • I have 2 triangle shaped birth marks on my back (thankfully they’re not super noticeable lol)
  • My first job was a bagger at a grocery store when I was 16 (I do not miss that at all, but safe to say I can bag our groceries pretty good now whenever we go to the store and need to bag our own items haha)
  • I’ve been blogging for over 4 years now! I started at the end of my freshman year of college and is my true passion project! It is something I look forward to every single day and something I have never been so passionate about.
  • My favorite ‘cartoon’ movie is Zootopia – it’s seriously so good and has so many funny references to real life things, if you’ve seen it you probably already know.
  • I’ve been watching FRIENDS since I was about 7-8 years old. I grew up watching this show and is a show I never, ever get tired of. I’ve seen it hundreds, if not thousands, of times and it never gets old!
  • I’ve always wished I could sing/act. I truly admire talented artists and is a talent I wish I had, but I do not have a good singing voice (trust me, you don’t want to hear it) and would not be a good actor. Maybe in another life that would be me!
  • I’ve only cried at one movie in my entire life, that movie is Interstellar. Probably an unpopular opinion since you wouldn’t think that’s a movie to cry over. I won’t spoil it if you haven’t already seen it, but one of the scenes near the end hits right in the feels!
  • I am an extroverted introvert. I love to hang out with friends and have fun and be social every once in a while, but really need my “me time” and time to myself every day. It also takes me a little while to feel comfortable around someone new when just meeting someone before I feel like my true self!
  • I’m probably the pickiest eater ever, although a big reason for that is just because I have a sensitive stomach and I kind of know what I can and can’t have.
  • I still love stuffed animals! Josh tries to mess with me every once in a while and throw them against the wall, and it legit makes me want to cry haha! Like, they’ve got feelings, ya know?! I keep my favorite Baby Pooh Bear stuffed animal near my nightstand all the time and he is just so cute!
  • I can’t stand reality “trash” TV, like literally cannot handle it.
  • I was a red head as a child, but grew out of it about half way through elementary school. I miss it though and would love to go back to being a red head!
  • I’ve been petite and a lightweight my whole life, I weighed under 100 pounds until my senior year of college.
  • I could eat Chick-Fil-A at least 2-3 times per week. Best place ever!
  • I’ve always dreamt of living in SoCal my whole life and hope to make that a reality soon.
  • I hate the rain! I’ve lived in the PNW my whole life and have disliked the rain my whole life. We see it all. the. time. here! I’d say I enjoy the rain about 10% of the time, especially on days when you get to stay in and watch movies all day, that’s probably the only time haha.
  • I developed mild asthma and anxiety in high school and is something I still live with today.
  • Heights freak me out.
  • Rollercoasters terrify me, will never ride one!
  • I’m a total carb-oholic and eat pizza/bread/pasta multiple times per week.
  • I’ve played tennis for over 12 years and played in the #3 spot on the varsity team all throughout high school, and played club team in college. It definitely took a toll on my legs and feet so unfortunately can’t play as much as I used to, but still like to play for fun sometimes!

Whew, that felt like a lot haha, but hopefully you all learned a little something new about me and got to know me a little better! I truly appreciate all of your support and those of you that read my blog posts. It’s the best feeling ever knowing my work isn’t going unnoticed and actually feels rewarding when you all engage with it and find it relatable or informational for you in some way.

Here’s to 24!

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Thanks for reading!



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