Reusable Water Bottles You Can Take Anywhere

One thing that has helped me get better at drinking water more consistently throughout the day is having a reusable water bottle that is convenient to take anywhere and refill, wherever you go throughout the day.

Now that we are officially in summer and slowly coming out of quarantine here in the Seattle area, we have been going on quite a few adventures, either on hikes, trips to the dog park with Charlotte, beach days, daily walks/runs with Charlotte, etc. And for each adventure we take, I always make sure to bring along one of my reusable water bottles from DAFI! I even use it throughout the day while working from home, especially if I’m sitting out in the sun on the patio while working, I always find myself getting a bit dehydrated sitting in the direct sunlight.

I cannot stress enough the importance of drinking water while sunbathing in the warmer, summer temperatures. So many times that I’ve sunbathed for a couple hours outside, I get super lightheaded and hot from not drinking water. My reusable DAFI water bottles have been a lifesaver for that! I always have a bottle with me now while out in the sun and rarely get lightheaded like I used to.

DAFI reusable water bottles are the perfect size to take with you anywhere throughout the day to help stay hydrated. And they come in a lot of fun lid colors too, like this clear bottle with the purple lid!

You can use my code 20JUSTKELSCO on Amazon and for 20% off your order!

This blog post was made in collaboration with DAFI

Thanks for reading!



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