How to Use the DAFI Alkaline Filter Water Pitcher

Over the past couple of months I’ve been using the DAFI Alkaline Filter Water Pitcher as my primary source of refreshing drinking water with added health benefits. The primary reason I made the switch to alkaline water is because I absolutely cannot stand the taste of tap water. And that’s where DAFI comes in! The DAFI Alkaline Filter Water Pitcher filters out tap water to where you strictly get alkaline water filling your pitcher, even when pouring in your water from the tap. So today I wanted to share how to use the pitcher as I have found it to be probably one of the easiest pitchers to use over and over.

One of the best parts about pouring water into the pitcher is you actually don’t even have to remove the lid. The lid of the pitcher has its own water hole where when the pitcher is placed under your sink faucet, the water pours right into the filtering portion of the pitcher to then be filtered into alkaline water. Super easy and convenient!

Another thing I love about the pitcher is that the filter sensor warns you when it’s time to replace the filter for the maximum taste out of your alkaline water. When water is being poured intot the pitcher from the faucet, you’ll see either a blue, yellow, or red light from the sensor. Blue means the filter is perfect, yellow means to be prepared to change the filter soon, and red means it’s time to replace your filter.

Having this pitcher as my primary source of drinking water over the past couple of months has definitely spoiled me. I’ve gotten so used to drinking refreshing alkaline water and can practically taste a difference whenever I drink any other type of ordinary drinking water. Did you know drinking alkaline water over any other ordinary drinking water has added health benefits? I had no idea at first! To name a few, drinking alkaline water has benefits such as boosting your immunity, regulating your body’s pH levels and neutralizing your body’s acid levels, something that normal water actually cannot do!

Having the DAFI Alkaline Filter Water Pitcher has also saved us money and resources given it’s an eco-friendly option where we don’t have to constantly buy plastic water bottles and jugs at the store.

If you’re interested in trying the DAFI Alkaline Filter Water Pitcher, you can use my code 20JUSTKELSCO on Amazon and for 20% off your order, linked below:

This blog post was made in collaboration with DAFI

Thanks for reading!



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