The 2 Small Lifestyle Changes I’ve Made in 2020 That Have Made the Biggest Difference

Back at the start of 2020, I set a primary goal for the year to focus on living an overall healthier and more active lifestyle. While I have always been healthy and active for the most part, I’ve noticed this year especially that certain things I used to be able to do or even eat as a teenager or a college student not too long ago, I can no longer do or eat just at 24 years old. Experiencing the effects of adulting, I’ve made two small changes this year and have stuck with it and have noticed the biggest difference in doing so, especially on days when I skip it! So today I wanted to share the two small lifestyle changes I have made in 2020 and just how big of a difference they have made on me and my overall health and wellness.

My primary focus this year was to be better about making the time to do some form of exercise at least 5 days a week, along with drinking more water each day.

Getting into an everyday workout routine that I actually enjoyed was definitely a bit challenging at first, but being on the schedule of taking my dog on daily walks definitely helped me ease into a good routine. I wanted to focus on getting in better shape and more toned after slacking on working out the past couple of years and discovered that a daily pilates workout was the workout for me and easy to do at home given the gym closures due to COVID. As hard as it can be sometimes to get through tougher workouts that challenge you or even finding the motivation to workout on days where you’re just not feeling it, I always feel great mentally and physically after finishing each workout, even on days where I just go on a walk instead of pilates too. I definitely notice a difference in the way my body and mind feels on days where I completely skip both now and always make sure to do at least one, if not both, each day of the week.

Another primary focus of mine this year was to start drinking more water each day. At the beginning of the year this felt absolutely impossible! I always got so bored of drinking water and did not drink enough as I should, and I knew that needed to change in order to feel healthier along with my daily workouts. One thing I noticed on days where I drank either juice or soda most of the day and little to no water was that I actually felt more weak and out of shape when doing my workouts, which made them harder to get through, I just always felt so much more heavy. Whereas on days where I strictly drank water all day long, I felt great and felt like I could get through my workouts a lot easier, and overall just felt good.

My DAFI products have been some of the most help in my daily water intake and I really do not know what I would do without them anymore. I always make sure to keep a glass or bottle of water by me at all times of the day, from my working from home work area, my bedside table, and taking along with me on daily walks, I’m always staying hydrated.

After getting in this habit of drinking a lot of water each day, I actually now prefer it over a lot of juices and sodas I used to frequently drink and always feel so good when I do. The DAFI Thermal Water Bottle has been especially helpful as it keeps my water nice and cool for hours. I’m excited to use this more in the winter too to keep my hot drinks warmer longer! They also come in a lot of fun colors like this purple one I have, red, teal, black, and more! You can use my code 20JUSTKELSCO for 20% off your order on Amazon and linked below:

This blog post was made in collaboration with DAFI

Thanks for reading!



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