Current Skincare Favorites Roundup

2020 has been the year of self care for me. Given everything going on in the world, I’ve been treating myself to more and more self care than I think I ever have before. And my favorite is always a good skincare routine! I’ve tried out a lot of new products this year with how fast I’ve been going through my selection of skincare products and wanted to round up some of my current favorites. Let’s get started!

Masks (the skincare kind, not the wearing out because of COVID kind)

I’ve tried quite a bit of face masks over the years and of all the ones I’ve tried, I love Tula the best! The exfoliating treatment mask does wonders for my skin and leaves my skin feeling insanely fresh and clean. Some amazing benefits of using Tula Skincare specifically are the probiotics and superfoods that are the primary ingredients in their skincare products. Both of these combined restore your skin’s natural balance and promotes a healthy glow. While a bit more pricey, good quality skincare products are 1000% worth the investment. If it’s within your budget, I highly recommend Tula products!


I don’t think I’ve found the ‘perfect’ face moisturizer for me just quite yet. I’ve experimented different brands and have definitely come to prefer some over others. Some of my current favorites are Clinique and Good Molecules. I use my moisturizer every morning and night and love how hydrated my skin feels all day long from using this twice a day.

Face Wash

Just like moisturizer, a good face wash really makes all the difference as well in having clean and fresh skin all day long. I wash my face every morning and night to help keep my skin clean, especially now given wearing masks (the COVID kind, not the skincare kind) every day. If I miss one wash I start breaking out super easily from wearing masks (the maskne is very real this year). My two favorites are Tula and Neutrogena. I’ve been using Neutrogena face washes for YEARS, basically ever since I was an early teen and had to start taking better care of my skin. Some of favorites are the Neutrogena Hydro Boost face wash, and the Tula face wash. Both so good!


When it comes to serums, I typically go for the more “luxury” skincare brands like Dr. Dennis Gross, Paula’s Choice, Good Molecules, Korres, etc. I’ve been switching between Good Molecules and Paula’s Choice serums lately for anti-aging/fine line repair and have already noticed a difference from using serum twice a day. While it doesn’t completely get rid of my fine lines, it definitely helps quite a bit over not using serum at all.

Ice Roller

Another skincare must have of mine lately is my ice roller. While my boyfriend makes fun of me for it, my ice roller has been a complete life saver this year with my maskne struggles. My pimples have been gnarly this year and every time I feel one coming on or have a big one on my face, I ice roll my face every night for about 10 minutes to cool the inflammation. It really makes a huge difference! I definitely notice a difference on nights when I do or don’t use it when dealing with break outs. Highly recommend if you don’t already have one!

Lip Care

My lips dry out insanely quick, especially in the wintertime, and I always try to use good quality lip care to help with that. My go-to is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask because it’s insanely hydrating and is good for longtime wear for overnight (don’t get me wrong, I also use it during the day too) it’s that good! I usually use a combination of Laneige and Carmex during the winter months especially with how dry it can get.

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