Cozy Fall Days In Essentials

Good morning, friends! I rarely share my blog posts on the weekends but I’ve been having a super cozy weekend staying in since it’s been raining all weekend so far and fully embracing it and taking this time to relax and enjoy some time in. I absolutely love relaxing weekends this time of year and honestly always look forward to it. As the rainy season starts to kick in here in Seattle, I see many relaxing weekends staying in for the near future and wanted to share some of my favorite things for days like these in today’s post.

My absolute favorite thing to buy each year for fall are some fall candles, they are always the best and I love having a nice smelling home smelling of all things fall this time of year. I bought this cute ‘Hello Fall’ mug a couple of weeks ago and I have literally lit it every single day since I got it. It smells so good! I don’t know how to officially describe the smell other than it just smells like fall, maybe a little bit of cinnamon too, but so so good I might just have to buy another too since I’ve gone through this one so quick. I’ve been loving the selection of candles from Sweet Water Decor and if you haven’t already tried their candles yet, I highly recommend, they are the perfect seasonal candles!

And no cozy fall day in is complete without a loungewear set. I’ve been loving this one I got from Amazon, it’s super comfy cozy and I love the neutral colors for fall. I always wear it with my fuzzy slippers that I also got from Amazon and is the perfect lazy day look to look at least somewhat put together.

Some of my favorite things to do on weekends like these are to curl up on the couch or even stay in bed and watch some of my favorite shows on Netflix or catch up on some reading on my kindle. I’ve been watching so many shows this year, even multiple at a time, and love taking this time to catch up on my favorites. I’ve also been reading quite a few books this year and sometimes I just wish I could read books as my full time job haha, anyone else ever feel that way? I’ve been really into the books I’ve been reading on my kindle lately and just want to spend all my time reading these days!

I’ve linked my cozy day weekend look and all of my essentials below via

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