My Go-To Post-Workout Snack

A lot of gyms may still be closed, but I am making full use of working out from home throughout quarantine, even in my small one bedroom apartment! Keeping up with my health and wellness throughout quarantine this year has been super important to me and honestly has really helped with keeping me feeling sane through the madness that 2020 has been and has also been such a great way to de-stress and take my mind off of everything. After each workout that I do, I always find myself with the post-workout munchies and immediately head for the kitchen to refuel after a good workout. Today I’ll be sharing my go-to post-workout snack that helps me feel refreshed and energized, even after a tough workout.

My Post-Workout Snacks Top 3:

  • Alkaline Water
  • Protein Bar
  • Bananas

While I am always drinking water throughout my workouts, I also make sure to drink water after my workouts too as it is just as important to help stay hydrated. I strictly drink alkaline water from my DAFI Alkaline Filter Water Pitcher because of its amazing health benefits! Some of the benefits of drinking alkaline water include the restoration of the body’s Ph balance, increases energy levels, helps support healthy skin, and so much more. I also love how easy the pitcher is to use! You simply place the pitcher, with the lid still on, under running tap water, and the pitcher’s filter does all the work for you and converts regular tap water into better tasting and healthy alkaline water!

The pitcher filter also has an LED sensor to indicate when it is time to change out the filter to ensure you’re getting the best water. When the light is red, it is time to change out the filter. And once changed, the sensor light will be blue indicating that the filter is good and providing you with good quality water.

My favorite snacks to eat with my alkaline water post-workout usually consist of a protein bar and fruit. I absolutely love a good protein bar with some banana slices to snack on after my workouts, it’s just such a good combo and keeps me feeling good too! Some other post-workout snacks I love consist of either a post-workout smoothie or even sometimes a yogurt parfait with granola and fruits on top, so yummy.

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This blog post was made in collaboration with DAFI

Thanks for reading!



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