My Lululemon Must-Haves

Ever since I got my first pair of Lululemon Align leggings in high school, I instantly fell in love with the brand. While Lululemon apparel is more on the pricey side, you 100% get what you paid for and their clothing lasts a long time! If you are someone who loves wearing leggings, are active and like to workout, and want your athleisure/activewear to last, I highly recommend Lululemon if you haven’t already tried out some of their stuff. Today I wanted to round up some of Lululemon must-haves if you’re unsure of where to get started. I also wanted to note ahead of time in case you’re new to shopping at Lululemon that they’re apparel runs very small. Their legging selection can also be so overwhelming at first since they essentially have a different type of legging for so many different activities and which would be best for what. Let’s get started!

Must-Have #1: The Align Leggings

I wanted to start off with my favorite Lululemon purchase, their Align leggings! The Align leggings were the first pair of leggings I bought from them back in high school, and they even lasted me all through college until they started to get worn out. A good 6 year usage out of wearing them all the time equals one of the best purchases I’ve ever made in my opinion. What I love the most about the Align leggings in particular are that they are the most comfortable pair of leggings I own which means they’re great for just about anything. Lounging around at home, working from home, yoga, taking the dog for a walk, running, pilates, running errands, dressing up for date night, just about anything! I’d recommend the Align leggings as your first Lululemon legging purchase because of how versatile and comfortable they are, they’re the best!

You can shop the Align leggings below where I’ve linked my exact pair via

Must-Have #2: Hooded Define Jacket Nulu

I love the selection of jackets at Lululemon. They’re so cute and fitted, and just like their leggings, are made with such great quality and last a long time! I had this white hooded define jacket in particular on my wishlist for a while now and finally bought it last month and to say I’m obsessed would be a complete understatement, I wear it practically every other day and has become my new favorite and go-to for the daily walks I take with my dog and boyfriend.

Now that we’re heading into the chillier months here in the Seattle area I love to wear this jacket underneath one of my nano puff Patagonia coats for some extra warmth and it’s the perfect combo. Some features of this jacket that I love are the thumbholes on the sleeves, the two front zip pockets, and breathable portion on the back underneath the hood. This jacket comes in a couple different colors and patterns, but loved the simplicity of the white! I also wanted to mention sizing here since their clothing runs small – for their jackets in particular, I’ve noticed I’ve had to size up two sizes for the perfect fit. While I am typically a size 0/XS, I am wearing a size 4 and it fits perfectly, just like a regular size 0.

You can shop the Hooded Define Jacket Nulu below where I’ve linked my exact one via

Must-Have #3: Wunder Under High-Rise Leggings in Camo Deep Coal Multi

While I typically only purchase simple color leggings from Lululemon, I thought the Camo Deep Coal Multi print was so cute and knew I needed a pair given how much I’ve worn leggings this year while working from home, working out, and going on daily walks, and this print has become one of my favorite print leggings! I decided to get this pair in the Wunder Under legging since this one is typically a second favorite legging among a lot of other girls that wear Lululemon. These leggings are geared a bit more toward being active and good for working out, runs, walks, or any other exercise. I suggest sizing up a size or two in these as well!

You can shop the Wunder Under High-Rise Leggings in Camo Deep Coal Multi below where I’ve linked a similar pair via (my exact pair is sold out in Camo Deep Coal Multi but they do have in stock in Wild Thing Camo Deep Coal Multi which is very similar):

Must-Have #4: Cinch Me Up Tank Top

I bought the Cinch Me Up Tank Top this year and it has easily become one of my favorite workout tanks! It’s so cute to wear with a cute sports bra underneath as well since the material and pattern of the top is a bit see through. I also love the cinch so you can set it where you want and how you want the top to look on you. I also recommend sizing up two sizes in the top as well, I am wearing a size 4 here! The top is also under $40 so a much more reasonable price point for Lululemon clothing.

You can shop the Cinch Me Up Tank below where I’ve linked my exact one via

Must-Have #5: Define Jacket

The Define Jacket is the exact same as the Hooded Define Jacket Nulu, just without the hood! This was the first jacket I bought from Lululemon that sparked my love for their jackets. I loved the fit of the jacket and how easy it is to throw on for running errands, walking the dog, etc. It inspired me to want to get the hooded version just since it’s a bit more practical getting into the rainy months here in the Pacific Northwest! I also love the stripe design of this one in particular.

You can shop the Define Jacket below where I’ve linked my exact one via

Must-Have #6: Run Times Shorts

These are probably my favorite pair of athletic shorts I own! They are so comfortable, great for working out in warmer weather (I wore mine basically all summer long from working from home, my at-home workouts, and walking my dog), and have a little zip pocket on the back to hold small items like your keys or chapstick.

You can shop the Run Time Shorts below where I’ve linked my exact one via

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