How I’ve Started to Incorporate Eco-Friendly Household Items Into My Daily Routine

We have faced so many serious issues in the world this year, one of them being the effects of climate change. Living on the west coast, I’ve seen the wildfires get worse and worse each year that we get them. I’ve spent a bit of time this year educating myself on these serious issues we have been faced with in 2020 and have tried to find ways to help protect the planet and reduce my carbon footprint just by simple household items that I use daily. One of those items in particular being how I drink my water each day.

As a lot of you have probably read over the past couple of months, I’ve strictly been using reusable options when it comes to drinking water each day and have been strictly drinking out of reusable water bottles and water pitchers this year instead of constantly buying plastic water bottles at the grocery store, and it makes me feel so much better that I’m reducing my own personal use of plastic.

I’ve been using the DAFI Alkaline Filter Water Pitcher and the DAFI Reusable Thermal Water Bottles every day for months now and having these two eco-friendly options available to me every day helps me get in the habit of using them more over other not-so eco-friendly options. What I love about the DAFI Reusable Thermal Water Bottles in particular are the fun colors, finger loop to make it easier to carry around with you, and that it’s thermal which makes it so perfect for the different seasons and helps keep your water cooler for longer.

I take my DAFI Reusable Thermal Water Bottle with me on our daily walks my boyfriend and I take with our dog and the finger loop holder makes it so easy to carry around on the go and the water stays nice and cool for hours making it taste so fresh with each sip!

Strictly using eco-friendly options when it comes to drinking water in our household has been such a great way to start to reduce our own carbon footprint by the things my boyfriend and I use daily. After getting in the habit this year of strictly using reusable water bottles and our water pitcher, we’ve been looking into other ways we can reduce our carbon footprint from other simple household items that we use daily as well and starting to change more and more things that we use daily to be more eco-friendly. If you’re in a similar situation or are looking for ways to start to be more eco-friendly, reusable water options are a great way to start getting in that habit!

If you’re interested in my reusable thermal water bottle and other eco-friendly DAFI products that I use daily, you can use my code 20JUSTKELSCO on Amazon or at for 20% off your order of DAFI products. I’ve linked my exact water bottle below:

This blog post was made in collaboration with DAFI

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2 thoughts on “How I’ve Started to Incorporate Eco-Friendly Household Items Into My Daily Routine

  1. Love this Kelsie!❤️ Swapping out disposable bottles for reusable ones is such a simple step to living more sustainably. Thanks for sharing these cute bottles! I think that purple color is more for dawgs than cougs though 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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