How to Make Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Last

With Thanksgiving just two weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about Thanksgiving feasts and all the food that goes along with the upcoming holiday. But more importantly, the solution to making your Thanksgiving leftovers last longer! We always have a ton of Thanksgiving leftovers in our household that lasts us at least a week, if not more, and have found the perfect solution to make our leftovers last, because taste matters!

In standard containers, leftover meals can last in the fridge for about 3-4 days, which is definitely not enough time for our Thanksgiving leftovers to last a little over a week. Thanksgiving leftovers that wouldn’t last past the 3-4 days usually get put in the freezer to help it last longer, but of course with that comes the risk of your leftover meals not tasting as fresh nor as good.

With the DAFI Vacuum Containers, these leftovers can last 3-5 times longer in the fridge from the container’s tight closure and automatic vacuum pump to protect your food from contact with moisture and air, which in turn, helps your food stay fresh and doesn’t lose taste. Some additional features about the DAFI Vacuum Containers that we love are that it prevents odors from spreading through your entire fridge, and prevents you from having to throw out a lot of food, which in turn, saves you a lot of money. It’s also super ideal for keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh, marinating meat or fish, saving tea and coffee aroma, and more!

If you’re expecting to have quite a bit of Thanksgiving leftovers this year, from turkey, to side dishes, and everything else in between, you can avoid food waste and make your leftovers last longer using the DAFI Vacuum Containers.

You can use my code 20JUSTKELSCO on Amazon or at for 20% off your order of DAFI products. I’ve linked my exact vacuum containers and automatic vacuum pump below:

This blog post was made in collaboration with DAFI

Thanks for reading!



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