Apple Watch Series 4 Review

I’ve had my Apple Watch Series 4 for over a year and a half now and aside from my phone, it’s probably one of my favorite tech pieces I own and that I use every single day. I feel like this review is long overdue but felt like this might also be the perfect time to share my thoughts on the Apple Watch now that we’re in the holiday season and what a great gift this can make for someone in your life this year.

To begin, I absolutely love this watch! I’ve heard quite a bit of people talk about how they’re not sure if the Apple Watch is worth it or not, but I’m here to tell you that it 100% is!

The pros:

  • Fitness tracker that can record just about any type of workout, monitor your heart rate, and steps/calories
  • Motivates your health & fitness
  • Monthly challenges
  • Easy to tell the time and weather
  • Bands can be switched out to be dressed up or down
  • Receive texts/calls and other phone notifications through the watch
  • Can use certain apps on your phone through the watch and can even take photos with your phone’s camera through the watch
  • Can be worn under water to record swimming workouts and has a drain feature
  • Has a theater feature (home screen won’t appear when you look at your watch when you’re in a dark movie theater, etc.)

One of the things I love the most about the watch is how it is always motivating you to keep up with your health and fitness. Every hour, it vibrates and reminds you to stand up and move a little bit, and I have to say this feature has come in so handy while working a 9-5 office job, even while working from home. It reminds me to get up and move every hour which always helps wake me up a bit and keep blood flowing rather than sitting all day every single day.

You can also easily see your 3 activity rings throughout the day which includes your Move ring, Exercise ring, and Stand ring. Just seeing these rings on their own is motivating enough to want to close them as much as you can, which motivates you to be more physically active and workout more. This has really helped me stay motivated this year to workout instead of being lazy and slacking in my physical activity and I always try to close all 3 of my rings almost every day if I can! Based on your activity, the watch also sets monthly challenges for you which is always a good goal to work toward each month, whether it be walking a certain distance that month, or closing all of your rings X amount of times, etc. It’s extremely motivating!

The home screen is also very customizable and you can kind of set it up however you want. For me, I have mine set to where you can easily see local weather, time, and activity rings all in one which I find to be very convenient. The bands can also be switched out so you don’t have to be wearing a sporty/fitness looking watch when dressing up for work or any other type of event. Amazon has a lot of great band options where you can find more dressy options. You can also receive text messages and phone calls through the watch which is super convenient for when you have your hands full!

The cons:

  • It’s expensive

While the Apple Watch definitely is very nice to have, one thing I dislike about it is how expensive it is. However, if you workout a lot or are looking to boost your physical activity and want some motivation, I’d say this watch is definitely worth it. I wear mine every single day and just in the year and a half that I’ve had it, I’ve definitely gotten the money’s worth out of it.

I’ve linked my exact watch below along with my outfit details via

Thanks for reading!



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