At-Home Date Night Ideas

One of Josh and I’s New Years resolutions this year is start prioritizing date nights more and spend more quality time together. I know that may sound a bit redundant considering we already live together in a small apartment and are with each other pretty much 24/7, but our main reasoning for these date nights is to spend time together, just the two of us (and of course our dog Charlotte) with no distractions, as in phone-free date nights where we find something fun to do and just be with each other, not worrying about what may be happening on our phones. We never really did this in 2020 because everything had shut down and we never really went out (and still don’t really go out much) so I wanted to make this a goal for us in the new year! Plus it’s always something for us to look forward to now each week!

While everything is still pretty much shut down here, we are finding creative ways of having fun together and spending time with each other at home and I wanted to round up some fun and creative at-home date night ideas for you and your significant other if you’re looking to be more intentional about at-home date nights too.

At-Home Date Night Idea #1: Cook a Meal or Bake a Dessert Together

I think cooking a meal or baking a dessert with your significant other is such a fun way to spend a date night because it requires work from both of you and is such a great way to bond! I’m a terrible cook so I could definitely benefit from working on my cooking skills more, especially with some help from Josh. Create a Pinterest board of new recipes to try, buy the ingredients, and start cooking something new!

At-Home Date Night Idea #2: Play Board Games/Video Games Together

I’ve always loved playing board games and video games growing up and is something Josh and I both enjoy doing. We actually spent our first date night of the year this year playing video games together and it was so much fun! I absolutely love playing Mario Kart and other similar car racing games and is definitely a fun way to spend a couple hours with no distractions. We also love playing board games and card games together too! We played this card game, Our Moments: Couples Edition, (it’s essentially a conversation starter game and can really help get to know each other even more) not too long ago and it was such a great way to learn more about each other, even after over 4 years of being together!

At-Home Date Night Idea #3: Make a Scrapbook of Your Memories Together

Josh and I actually started a scrapbook about a year after we started dating, and we haven’t touched it since. I still have it with me and is something I would love to start adding to again, before we get even further behind! We have a ton of memories from our first year together in it and we keep talking about how we need to add memories from the last few years we’ve been together. A designated date night each week is the perfect time to keep adding to it together!

At-Home Date Night Idea #4: Watch a Movie or Start a New TV Show

Josh and I have been watching A TON of movies and TV shows since starting quarantine started last year. Right now we’re on Suits and it’s so good! We also love Pixar/Disney movies and have found a ton of good options on Disney Plus like Soul, Zootopia (this is our absolute favorite Disney movie), Wreck-it Ralph, and so much more.

Make a cozy fort in your living room, turn all the lights off and light some candles, pop some popcorn, get in your soft and cozy pajamas, and have a cozy and relaxing movie night in!

At-Home Date Night Idea #5: Order Takeout Dinner from a New Restaurant in Town

After making a lot of our meals at home last year due to quarantine, we were getting so tired of cooking by the end of the year. About once a week we like to order takeout from a local restaurant or our favorites like Chick-Fil-A or Panera. Designate one night per week to ordering takeout and supporting local restaurants! We always love trying out new restaurants in town.

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