Winter to Spring Transition Outfit Ideas

It always seems so weird for me to start thinking about spring in January, especially being just one month into winter. But surprisingly, we’ve had a decently nice and mild winter so far this year here in the Seattle area, and that already is making me ready for springtime, more sun, warmth, and daylight. For me, my motto is always, “If it’s not going to snow, let’s just skip ahead to spring and summer!” Having dry days and “warm” days (for winter, at least), I’ve been really excited to break out my spring wardrobe and put away all my winter coats. While we’re not entirely there yet, I’ve already been styling some winter to spring transition pieces, perfect for those mild winter days.

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Cozy White Loungewear Set

So weird to think it’s almost been one full year of quarantine and being at home 24/7. It’s amazing how much my wardrobe has shifted to the cozy and casual style over the past couple of months! I swear I now have my collection of spring and summer lounge sets and my collection of fall and winter lounge sets. Plus, the amount of times I’ve said, “Time to change from my nighttime pajamas into my daytime pajamas,” these days is enough to last a lifetime haha. But these days, you really cannot have enough loungewear sets and I wanted to share this cozy chic lounge set today that I’ve been wearing on repeat lately.

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Amazon Sweaters + Loungewear I’m Loving for Fall

Happy first day of fall! Now that it is officially sweater weather, I’ve been browsing all of the fall sweaters lately and have found some really cute ones on Amazon, not to mention loungewear as well for all of us still living the quarantine/work from home life. The link to shop today’s post is at the end where I have linked everything via!

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4 Summer to Fall Transition Outfits

I can’t believe it’s already that time of year where my favorite season is slowly starting to come to an end. Can anyone else agree that summer always goes by way too fast? And that finding the perfect outfit for the summer to fall transition can be especially tricky when it’s cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon? So far August here in the Seattle area has been really nice and I have been loving it. We’ve had a lot of sun and hot days which means my summer wardobe is continuing on for a bit before I make the full fall transition. Today I wanted to share four of my favorite summer to fall transition outfits featuring some of the items I purchased from the Nordstrom sale this year!

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Summer Style Haul

Over the past couple of years, I’ve slowly added more and more dresses into my wardrobe. To be honest, I did not care for dresses at all when I was younger or growing up. The times really have changed, now I love them and love adding them to my wardrobe, especially in the summertime! I recently added this cute summer dress into my wardrobe and love it so much!

If you’ve ever heard of that quote that says “I feel more confident when I like my outfit”, that’s exactly how I feel when wearing this dress. I always feel a bit more confident when I like what I’m wearing that day, and love that clothing and your personal style can really make all the difference.

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