Work Wear Wednesday

As I was out shooting this photo and as I am writing this post, I realized the last time I wore a moto jacket was fall of last year, so crazy! Is it just me or do you also only wear moto jackets in the fall? I really don’t know why I don’t wear them in any other season of the year. But they are so cute for the office and today I wanted to share how I style this faux suede grey moto jacket for work!

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2 Fun & Flirty Parisian Outfits You Need In Your Wardrobe

Over the past couple of weeks, my social media feeds have been consumed with Europe photos and inspo since I feel like literally everyone and anyone is in Europe right now, especially Paris, and it’s given me all the travel and French vibes! While I do not have a trip to Paris booked anytime soon (although I so wish I did), I was doing some online shopping not too long ago and stumbled across some of the cutest Parisian style tops that I knew I just had to have. It’s honestly the closest I’ll be getting to Europe anytime soon haha. Whether you’re looking for outfits for your next trip to Paris or you’re like me at the moment and want to have that Parisian style look without actually having visited Paris, you need these two cute pieces in your wardrobe!

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Work Wear Wednesday

One thing that I totally lack in my wardrobe is a variety of nice blouses for work. While I work in a very casual office, blouses are a must-have now that I’m in the working world! When asked to collaborate with Allegra K Fashion again, I could not say no as they offer such a great selection of affordable clothing, perfect for work in a casual or professional office.

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Work Wear Wednesday

I am so excited that it is officially sweater weather here in Seattle because literally half of my closet right now is sweaters and cardigans and are always my go-to getting ready in the mornings for work.  Even though they’re technically all the same, they’re also all so different. Today I’ll be sharing how to style this cute color block/striped cardigan for a quick and easy, ready-to-go work outfit.

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2 Chic Date Night Looks with Allegra K Fashion

I am a total city girl at heart and absolutely love and admire city style and chic fashion trends. While my style tends to be more “vanilla” and plain, it’s always so fun to find excuses to dress up a bit and explore new fashion trends and try new things.  While I have always admired city chic fashion trends, I have never really tried them out for myself and was so excited to find these cute pieces when asked to collaborate with Allegra K Fashion! So today I’ll be sharing more about these two cute chic looks that are so perfect for dressing up for date night.

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