High Rise Distressed Denim Shorts

Is it just me or is finding the perfect pair of distressed denim shorts unusually difficult? I found one of my favorite pairs of distressed shorts a couple years ago and then grew out of them. The struggle was real trying to find a new pair that I liked and fit nicely, and was overall similar to my favorite pair.

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AE Striped Dolphin Short

Happy Monday!  I am SO excited for this week for a couple reasons.  Today is the day I finally start my summer internship!  I’m a little nervous but also really excited for it, it’s going to be a great experience for me.  And also my birthday is on Friday!  So weird to think I’ll be 22.  While I’m still not totally sure what I’m doing for my birthday yet, I can’t wait to celebrate over the weekend!

But today I wanted to share these super cute shorts from American Eagle with y’all that are currently on sale! I have literally been shopping at American Eagle since I was in junior high school and have always loved it, I just never get tired of their clothes.  Plus recently they have really stepped up their game and have brought out the cutest clothes for summertime!

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The High Waisted Shorts You Need This Summer

For the past few months, just about all I see on Instagram and other social media are the high-waisted shorts with the tie belt and waist ruffles, they are everywhere and so popular right now!  These shorts are the kind of shorts I would usually never buy, but I have actually come to love them a lot!  They really are super cute!  After seeing them so many times through fashion, I started to like them more and more.

I went on a summer shopping spree last week and saw them in just about each store I went in and knew I needed a pair, or in my case two lol.  I had been looking around online for a while and finally found two pairs at the mall that I absolutely loved!

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