2019 Year in Review + 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! I cannot believe another decade, and year has already come and past and that it is now 2020. What a year 2019 has been! One thing I like to do at the end of each year is reflect on all that I’ve accomplished in that year, and then start to think about and plan out what I hope to accomplish in the new year.

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2019 was probably one of the biggest years for change and growth in my life because of what a year 2019 was. My biggest highlights of the year were:

  1. Graduating college
  2. Celebrating graduation by vacationing in LA and San Diego
  3. Vacationing on the Oregon Coast
  4. Experiencing my first time sitting front row at a concert
  5. Entering the real world and starting my first full-time job
  6. Turning 23
  7. Celebrated 3 years together with Josh
  8. Leaving a job I was not passionate about and starting a new job in my field of interest/study
  9. Getting a puppy
  10. Working toward my blogging goals

Looking back on 2019, some of these things felt like forever ago! But with each thing I experienced this year, I feel like I have really grown so much as a person and finally feel like I almost have this whole ‘adulting’ thing figured out.

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One of the biggest adjustments I faced this year was starting my first full-time job. As a fresh college graduate, I was very relieved and fortunate enough to find a full-time job a month after graduation. While it was not at all related to what I studied in school, it was much needed for a ‘broke college student’ and was actually a pretty good job for being right out of school. I learned so much in my time at this job from learning how to adult and getting used to a full-time work schedule, working in a corporate environment, and even learned along the way that I should be pursuing a job in my field of interest sooner rather than later, while also making some friends along the way too.

I’m actually planning on sharing more about my previous jobs/internships on the blog within the next couple of weeks and how I got to where I am now. When I was a college student I always found stories like this super helpful and love hearing from someone personally on how they got to where they are today, how to navigate finding an internship and eventually a job, etc. So stay tuned for that if that is something you’d be interested in reading about!

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One of the other biggest adjustments I faced this year was getting a puppy! In case you missed it, I posted a vlog about it here. Josh and I had been talking over the past year about getting a puppy from when would be a good time to get one, what breed we wanted to get, etc. and everything ended up working out and falling into place in October when we got Charlotte! Getting Charlotte has been a great learning experience for both of us as we train her and take care of her and has really helped with the adulting process as well.

Looking back on 2019, I also feel extremely proud of what I have accomplished with my blog this year. I had set out a couple goals for my blog for what I was hoping to accomplish in 2019 and it feels so rewarding to have met those goals. Some of those things I accomplished that I was hoping to in 2019 were:

  1. Getting more into travel blogging (accomplished through all the travel content I posted from Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Oregon Coast)
  2. Hit 5k on Instagram (accomplished by consistently posting content and working hard at it)
  3. Become more consistent with my content (accomplished as I started working full-time and no longer had to worry about school first)
  4. Get more into YouTube/vlogging (accomplished as I created 3-4 new vlogs in the latter half of 2019)

Screen Shot 2019-12-29 at 6.56.01 PM

As I look ahead to 2020, some of the things I’d like to accomplish (for my blog and personal goals) are:

Blog Goals:

  1. Hit 10k on Instagram
  2. Create a YouTube vlog at least once a month
  3. Post more travel content
  4. Get more into posting and sharing home content

Personal Goals:

  1. Workout regularly
  2. Start to eat a bit healthier/learn to cook more (I’ve gotten better about this in the latter half of 2019, but honestly sometimes still eat like a college student lol)

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Looking back on your 2019, what are some things you’re proud to have accomplished, and what are you hoping to accomplish in 2020? Leave a comment below and join the discussion!


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Thanks for reading, and happy new year!







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