What I Keep on My Bedside Table

One of my favorite little corners of our apartment is the small area in between the window and my side of the bed where my bedside table is. Keeping a consistent nightly routine is so important to me and really helps with my quality of sleep and my overall well-being, which is why I make sure to keep a couple of my favorite nightly routine items right on my bedside table. So today, I wanted to roundup some of my nightstand essentials that I use each and every night. Let’s get started!

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My January Fabletics Order + My Current Workout Routine

We are officially half way through the first week of 2021 and the New Years resolutions are in full force! I spent a majority of 2020 doing daily pilates and HIIT workouts but one of my fitness goals for 2021 was to focus a bit more on yoga and other low-impact workouts as a way to de-stress and stretch more. And what better way to kick off new year fitness goals than with new athleisure wear? Today I wanted to share my January Fabletics order with you guys + my current workout routine to kick off 2021.

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Why You May Not be Able to Stick With Your New Years Resolutions + How to Stay on Track

Why You May Not be Able to Stick With Your New Years Resolutions + How to Stay on Track

The end of the holiday season and heading into the new year is always my favorite and least favorite time of the year. Least favorite because it’s so hard to let the holiday season go and taking down Christmas, but also one of my favorites because I love a fresh start and getting motivated and goal setting for the year ahead. Being a goal-oriented girl, this time of year is always extremely motivating for me to help me stay on track and better myself every single year. However, just a couple years ago I really struggled sticking with my New Years resolutions past the end of January. But as I’ve gotten older, sticking with my resolutions has become super important to me and today I’ll be sharing some tips on how to stay on track if you tend to drop your resolutions past the first couple days/weeks of January.

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Arrive Before Christmas

Christmas is officially a week away and today and this weekend are really the most important times to get in your last minute orders so they will arrive on time for Christmas next week!

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Apple Watch Series 4 Review

I’ve had my Apple Watch Series 4 for over a year and a half now and aside from my phone, it’s probably one of my favorite tech pieces I own and that I use every single day. I feel like this review is long overdue but felt like this might also be the perfect time to share my thoughts on the Apple Watch now that we’re in the holiday season and what a great gift this can make for someone in your life this year.

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