My Work From Home Essentials

Due to COVID, I have been working from home for my full-time job for over 3 months now. Over the past couple of months of working from home, I have come to find things that I use every day in my own makeshift home office to make my work days just as productive and efficient as in the office and wanted to share some of my essentials that have made my WFH life a bit easier and equally efficient.

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How to Get in the Habit of Drinking More Water Every Day

If there’s one habit I have always struggled with, it’s making sure I am drinking enough water each day. It can be so easy to forget to drink enough water each day, easy to leave out of your daily routine, etc. It’s taken me forever to get in the habit of ensuring I drink enough water per day. While this is something I am still consistently working on each day, I wanted to share all the things I’ve been doing to try to break my bad habit and start drinking more water.

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